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Urban Towers

Urban Towers is the for-profit arm of The Urban Blueprint. Our goal is to earn revenue to support the mission of The Urban Blueprint. We feel that we have solid business concepts that we will be able to enterprise and thus fund the programs of Urban Towers, as well as donate to the coffers of Urban Renaissance.


Mission Statement


To Fight White Supremacy and End Discrimination by creating revenue streams to fund the programs and strategies of The Urban Blueprint.




To become a Black Fortune 500 Company in America. To Lead the Way in Rebuilding Black America in Terms of Life Preservation, Educational Renaissance, Business Infrastructure and Human Rights.




To assist the Urban Blueprint in ending White Supremecy.


Strategies & Programs of Urban Towers


1. The YBC Project    


This is a strategy that allows all Black teens aged 10-12 the opportunity to have their very own summer business. This will not only serve as an excellent way for our youth to earn an income for themselves as proud business owners, but also serve as an excellent alternative to gangs, guns and drugs.


2. City Books & DVDs        


A company that will sell books & DVDs that focus on the history, achievements and leaders of African and African American peoples. There will be motivational & educational books and materials, writing contests, the development of young writers and story tellers, as well as a Traveling Book Van that will take our cause directly into our communities.


3. City Products


A Direct Selling Youth Enterprise to help combat the unemployment and under-employment problem in Black America. It will be setup to in a way that is different than the typical direct selling enterprises of today.  


4. City Communications


A company that will specialize in television, internet, cell phones and other wireless technologies. This is one of the most needed and immediate commodities within Black America.  


5. City Build    


A business model that develops businesses and infrastructures in our inner cities. The absolute best way to effectively combat social ills. When we create our own jobs and careers, we help tremendously in effectively ending discrimination.


6. K & G. A Capital Investment Firm


A company that will invest in the ideas of others. It is a difficult task for many Black folk to find investment help. This model will be a solution to that problem.

“Are You Ready to Make a Difference?”