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The Urban Blueprint  

Who We Are


We are The Urban Blueprint, a new hybrid social justice organization whose sole purpose is the salvation of Black America by fighting White Supremacy and ending discrimination in America. We are comprised of two separate entities. Urban Renaissance, the nonprofit side, and Urban Towers, the for-profit side. They are indeed separate, but with the same goal.


Urban Towers has excellent fund-raising concepts on the drawing board, and whatever funds generated will be used to fund the activities of Urban Renaissance.


Urban Renaissance is predominantly established to uplift our youth, and as such, has outstanding programs and strategies that will do just that.


The Urban Blueprint will be the leader in instituting policy, programs, systems and strategies within Black America. We will target our efforts directly at the one cohort who not only matters the most but holds the key to our survival as well – Our Youth! We will help our youth become strong students, citizens, daughters and sons. We will help mold them into future outstanding mothers, fathers, community leaders and professionals of all sorts.


We will help Black America as a whole to garner all of our collective power, our vast and powerful attributes and strengths so that we can develop into the mighty contingent we know that we are capable of. That is our goal. That is our purpose. Are you ready for that?




To Fight White Supremacy and End Discrimination




To Effectively fight Abortion, Combat STDs, Discrimination, Educational Failure, Unemployment, Poverty, Prison Proliferation, Racism, Teen Pregnancy and White Supremacy.


A Movement of Education


That Proper Education is a big part of our movement. To become invested in this movement, you must take action not only from the heart, but from the mind as well. That Proper Education is comprised of the following elements:


1. Read books related to Black American and African culture. Books such as The End of Blackness and The Isis Papers.


2. View DVDs related to Black achievement and education. DVDs such as all of the Hidden Colors movies, 500 Years Later.


3. View all of the Black leadership videos here on our website. They will do a lot to educate and motivate you.  


4. Read all of the downloads that are right here on the homepage of our website. They will prove to be excellent knowledge sources that you will want to keep as references regarding our history. All of this is food for the mind, to assist you in becoming ‘warrior’ ready, to help you in obtaining that Proper Education that is so important!


One of the American Youth Business Centers that our children will be able to invest in will specialize in selling books and DVDs of a Black American and African culture.


A Movement of Discipline


This is also a movement of discipline and education. We have to have the discipline to do what is necessary to win. We will need to break bad habits and pick up new and good ones. We will have to trust and believe in one another. And most importantly, we must believe that we will be successful!


To make this all work, you must get rid of cable and satellite television, and get tuned in to what is happening today. Satellite radio is a very good alternative to cable and satellite television. Listen daily to Laura Coates, Reverend Al Sharpton, Karen Hunter, Joe Madison and others.


There are other ways to watch your television shows, when you want to, and it’s free. We’re not saying stop watching television, but everyone’s second job needs to be fighting White Supremacy. We must not finance our own demise.


We are in a war, which cannot be won watching television. Excess television, cell phone romance, video gaming and the like are quite possibly the biggest hindrance to our survival. White Supremacy targets you, our youth, first and foremost. While our youth are busy doing nothing, they are busy killing us in every way possible.


We need our youth to lead us. But in order for that to happen, we have to set the table for them. We have to become more informed, and the more informed we are, the more motivated we are, and the more effective we’ll be.

We are a different sort of people with a different set of problems. There is a lot of work that must be done to defeat The Destroyer. So, let us get to work!


Statistical Motivation


  • Native American Genocide. 100 million Native Americans have been killed by White Americans.

  • Black Genocide: 30 to 60 million Africans died have died while being enslaved by White Americans.

  • Blacks endured 1 billion rapes by slave owners and Whites during slavery just on plantations alone.

  • Missing Black People. Since 2010, 135,000 Black are missing, with at least 50,000 being women & girls.

  • Black public high schools have STD infection rates of 30, 40 & 50% - HIV/Aids, Herpes, HPV, etc.


We’ve got mountains of statistics of what has been done to us. Yet, we only really need one reason to overcome this evil force. One reason could be that, simply put, we are a better people than that.


Here is another simplistic way to look at it. For all that has been done to us for our 4-year existence in America, no matter how abominable and barbaric, it was meant to be. But on the flip side, the end of this condition is meant to be as well!


“Are You Ready to Make a Difference?”