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$upporting the $truggle

Thanks for Signing Up!


You've just joined a growing list of concerned American citizens of all races, ages and walks of life who are intent on Ending Discrimination on our way to creating a new nation – America 6.0




“Are You Ready to Make a Difference?”

Perhaps you have taken The Pledge. Or, just maybe you are just fed up of an America that is driven by greedy, sequestered politicians and corporations that are chipping away at our Civil Rights, Human Rights and the right to have a Safe Planet. We welcome your commitment!


The Urban Blueprint is poised to fight the good fight for generations to come. But we don’t think it will take that long. You, the people, not only here in America but around the world, will decide how long it will take to transform our country from one that is profit-driven to one that has as its foundation love, unity and partnership!


The all-important work of The Urban Blueprint depends on your support. You can either make a one-time donation or make a recurring monthly donation of an amount of your choice. We are grateful with any donation that you may make. Become an Urban Blueprint Warrior! Let us, together, ‘Make America Better’!


Contributions to The Urban Renaissance are tax deductible. The Urban Blueprint is the non-profit side of The Urban Blueprint. Donations to Urban Towers are not tax-deductible. Urban Towers is the for-profit side of The Urban Blueprint.





















The Road to Self-Sufficiency


The Urban Blueprint has another mission, that of becoming self-sufficient in five years. We want you to know that Urban Towers has a number of promising strategies and revenue-stream ideas on the drawing board. One in particular is an educational clothing shirt concept that was wooed by two major American retail outlets.


Additionally, there are other concepts Urban Towers has that we are very confident will be successful in generating income for the struggle, once put in action. Finally, we will be in the grant writing business as well to help Urban Blueprint to become self-sufficient. We cannot defeat White Supremacy and end discrimination if we are not financially sound.


We want to thank you for making a donation, purchasing a tee shirt, or buying a copy of “Hindered” The Fall & Impending Rise of Black America. Thank you so much in advance for your Love and $upport.