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Taking Action

Five Requirements We Must Meet to End Discrimination


1. Help Our Youth to be Successful. The Urban Blueprint will actuate The American Youth Business Centers which provides an opportunity for every youth aged 10-16 to have their own summer business. We also need to drastically curb the STD infection rates to practically zero. It can be done.


2. Build Our Own Macro Social Infrastructure. The same things we will do for our youth, but on a much larger scale, and a much larger number of systems. We need outstanding primary school systems, a solid business infrastructure, hospitals, clinics, the whole nine. And we will show you how it can be done.


3. Connect with Our People. We must connect with our people all around the world and within America: Our great Black leaders, radio stations, newspapers, professional associations, athletes and entertainers. Africa at Heart promises to do just that.


4. Fight White Supremacy & End Discrimination. We have the plan and the strategies to do just that. Are you with us?


5. The Pledge. Join the national movement in committing to our children, families and communities. Download The Pledge from the homepage. The Pledge! Print it. Sign it. Frame it. Hang it. LIVE IT!


The First Four Programs


The Urban Blueprint is a hybrid organization with a nonprofit side and a for-profit side, Urban Renaissance and Urban Towers. Each side has four strategies. We will use four strategies in the beginning to accomplish our mission, with the first two of these programs designed specifically designed for our children. The four strategies are:


1. The Date B4 the Prom: A strategy that will significantly reduce the transmission rates of STDs, in particular HIV/AIDS, herpes, etc.


2. The American Youth Business Centers: The strategy that will provide all youth aged 10-16 an opportunity to have their own business in the summer


3. The Ten Million Letter Delivery: With this strategy, we will deliver 10 Million Letters to Washington, D.C. the summer of 2020. We will present 1 Million Letters each to the following federal departments: Agriculture, Commerce, Congress, Education, EPA, FCC, Health & Human Services, Justice, The Supreme Court, The White House, along with a Bonus Letter – The People’s Top 5. This is also where we will re-introduce ourselves to the world.


4. Africa at Heart: Australia, Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and where ever they are all around the world. They are waiting for us. We will be there for them.


Each one has its own respective button on the home page, so ‘click’ on them and read all about it. As you learn about them, imagine them coming into fruition. As you imagine that, remind yourselves that you helped make it happen. Go to the homepage and click on the respective buttons of each strategy to get more details.


The 8 Focus Areas


We will focus our efforts on the following 8 areas in the beginning. While there is more to follow, they are more than enough.


1. Economics

2. Education

3. Food Supply

4. Healthcare

5. Politics

6. Telecommunications

7. Water Supply

8. Our Youth


The Pledge


So much, too much has been done to us throughout our existence. Abominations. Horrors. So much that it actually hurts, deeply, to even think about them.


The Pledge is a promise certificate that basically states that we, fathers first, and then mothers, will never let our children, families, communities and each other, down again. The Pledge will be our rallying cry, our common purpose, our call-to-duty. There has been no greater failure on the part of Black men than not being able to protect our women, children and families. And there will be no greater satisfaction to finally lead them to the promised land.  

“Are You Ready to Make a Difference?”