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Our Children

Our children are the greatest gift we could ever have. Can you think of anything you love more, would die for? However, the reality is that they are dying and being victimized in all possible ways right before our eyes. Our daughters are rocked by abortions, pregnancies, STDs, and domestic/date violence. Our sons are casualties of gang violence, a lack of jobs, the enticement of fast money and media-driven devaluation. They all are victim to failing schools, police harassment, public executions and even assault in their own schools. There is no safe place for them, not on sidewalks, in their cars, in their schools, in the malls, or generally, not anywhere.


Our inability to protect our children as well as our families is the number source of shame and concern facing Black men today. This condition is the impetus for The Pledge. However, we now have the opportunity, to change all of that.


Give the Oppressor a Name


There is no need to be ‘Politically Correct’ when observing the extreme direness of what we are encountering. Those that are decimating us have to be given a name. We at The Urban Blueprint have done just that. We call them Dark Forces, a.k.a., The Great Destroyer. They are the pre-imminent killing machine in the history of the world, and they reign by terror. We were told about them. It was said they would kill, steal and destroy. They have even exceeded those expectations. But their reign will not last forever.


But we cannot maintain the same ineptness if we are to save Black America and put evil in its place. The Destroyer does have limitations, and we can win via those limitations. The question is, whether or not you want to see an America dominated by evil and terror or one constructed of love and peace? It is a valid, and personal question, and one that has to be answered going forward. It is decision time. Are you ready to make a difference?


To Our Parents, Coaches & Adults


This next conversation piece is a simple, yet tricky one. Almost exactly as the simple request of eradicating your home of cable television. Seems a bit odd that not indulging in technological candy can save our race, does it not? But it is true. This odd, tricky request of television cessation carries a whole lot of weight. The next request does as well.


Many will find this simple request almost impossible to do, and reactions will reveal a lot of the ‘why’ we are still struggling so much in America, the ‘why’ we have no business, educational, or healthcare infrastructures of our own to this very day, and the ‘why’ we have sunken so low on Earth’s hierarchy of people. Who will come to grips with this psychological conundrum? This next request goes as follows.


As parents and coaches, we need to send our future scholars and student-athletes to HBCUs! Why? Because they are ours, and we are wanted at them! No one else wants us, except to profit off of us in some way. And for the most inconsequential reasons, we succumb to the fact that we allow others to exploit us, while abandoning that which we have. The truth is that no other people give away so much, so easily, for very little in return.


It seems unusual that simple decisions such as not watching television and attending HBCUs can make the difference between living and dying, doesn’t it? But it’s true. That is why this is a movement of discipline and education. The bible states that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. These ‘To Do List’ items are just as tricky.


The Boycott


It is time for the return of the boycott. We must boycott 401(k)s, IRAs, and any and all investment options that contain prison stocks. Educate yourselves. Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott as Black citizens, young and old, hit the pavement and refused to ride the bus as they worked at it until they that got the results they sought. We cannot finance our own demise.


As a matter of fact, if it is courage and motivation you need, always look at the courage and resolve of our ancestors, again both very young and very old. At one time it was the children as young as elementary age that were our biggest heroes. The courage they showed was unparalleled. What are we going to do?    


We pay a heavy toll in all walks and aspects of life. This movement has a huge task ahead. But remember, it is for our communities, our families, our children. We cannot fail! While the workload is challenging, know that every little bit does count. And when you look at our people and all of the strengths, the gifts that we are blessed, we can achieve that workload, we can accomplish our task. We were made or this, and there is no other way to look at it. We can do it.

“Are You Ready to Make a Difference?”