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Here in America, today the most prolific and protracted genocidal catastrophe in the history of the world continues. In wholesale fashion, and with categorical assurance, a talented and powerful segment of American society is quietly on the brink of elimination. The reality is that Black America is in its last years, and the statistics bear it out. In virtually every social, health, economic and educational metric, Black America is either dying, suffering, broken or coming up short. We live this scenario every day, without a whisper from the media, orchestrated by corporate America and fueled by our elected politicians. All perpetrators the same, all self-assured rogues  


This 400+ year old genocidal phenomenon, beginning with the Middle Passage has, at some point or another, deployed elements of every type of genocidal and barbarianism known to man. Our suffering is unsurpassed by any catastrophic event in world history, and that would include the Holocaust, the nineyear bombing of Laos, the Vietnam War, and the use of biological warfare and water poisonings utilized against as recently as today. We have been subjected to all of the above. No one knows the exact numbers of Africans and Black people murdered by The Destroyer. Today, these Psychopaths continue their rampage of death and destruction. Yes, the terrorism continues.  


But what has changed is that a strategy has arrived. A strategy that will reverse the genocidal trend we have to date been afflicted with. While there remains many noble causes of philanthropy, volunteerism and reason for good deed, rest assured that you will find no cause greater than righting America and becoming a stakeholder in the salvation of Black America. As America goes, so goes the world. As Black America goes, so goes America. If you are tempted to adopt a persona of apathy, you may want to think twice. There is such a great extent of evil taking place today in America that it is very difficult for anyone or everyone to not be a victim to some extent.  As you are provided an opportunity to become a part of the solution set, let your conscious be your guide going forward. The Urban Blueprint will lead the way.



The Prophecy


If Martin Luther King, Jr. is right that the arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice, a New Movement will arise;  and if Civil Rights organizations fail to keep up with the times, they will be pushed to the side as another generation of advocates come to the fore. Hopefully, the new generation will be led by those who know best  the brutality of the new caste system - - a group with  greater vision, courage and determination than the old guard  can muster, trapped as the may be in an outdated paradigm.  This new generation of activists should not disrespect their  elders or disparage their contributions or achievements. To the contrary, they should bow their heads in respect, for their forerunners have  expended untold hours and made great sacrifices in an elusive quest for justice. But once respects have been paid, they should march right past them, emboldened, as King once said, by the fierce urgency of now!


- - - The New Jim Crow, pg. 260 - - -


by Michelle Alexander


That New Movement Is Here!

“Are You Ready to Make a Difference?”

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