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*  Native American Genocide. 100 million Native Americans have been killed by White Americans.


* Black Genocide: 30 to 60 million Africans died have died while being enslaved by White Americans.


* Blacks endured 1 billion rapes by slave owners and Whites during slavery just on plantations alone.  And that is a  



* Missing Black People. Since 2010, 150,000 Black are missing, with at least 70,000 being women & girls.


* Virtually all Black public high schools have STD infection rates of 30, 40 & 50% - HIV/Aids, Herpes, HPV, etc.


The Urban Blueprint is a Hybrid, Social Justice Organization made up of two halves: Urban Renaissance, the non-profit side, and Urban Towers, the for-profit side. Each side has six programs. The Urban Blueprint is multi-faceted as it must be, since its nemesis is exponentially multi-faceted.


We will begin our quest to end discrimination with four of those programs, three from Urban Renaissance and one from Urban Towers. Here is a glimpse of those four programs.


1. The Date B4 the Prom  


- Nearly 50% of Black teens get pregnant at least once before age 20.


- 50 % of Black girls ages 14-19 have an STD, while 88% of girls with HIV are Black.


The Date B4 the Prom is a national speaking tour that will take place in cities across America. We will seek to have national legislation passed named, The RTK, or Right to Know, law. Our target audience is high school girls, grades 9-12, almost 1.2 million daughters. We want to save them all!


2. The American Youth Business Centers


- Black teen unemployment is 50%.


- Black youth ages 10-16 unemployment is 100%.


The American Youth Business Center is a program that will allow all Black children the opportunity to own their own business every summer. Not only can they earn cash for themselves, but YBCs serve as an excellent alternative to gangs, guns and drugs.


3. The Ten Million Letter Delivery: With this strategy, we will deliver 10 Million Letters to Washington, D.C. the summer of 2020. We will present 1 Million Letters each to the following federal departments: Agriculture, Commerce, Congress, Education, EPA, FCC, Health & Human Services, Justice, The Supreme Court, The White House, along with a Bonus Letter – The People’s Top 5. This is also where we will re-introduce ourselves to the world.


4. Africa at Heart

This is the strategy that will connect Black America with its people in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Caribbean, and people of color all around the world. This is long overdue. Our people all over the world are suffering. They are waiting for us. It’s time to meet our people!


It is said that the total wealth of Black America would make us the 16th wealthiest nation in the world. It’s time to put that wealth to good use.


To get The Urban Blueprint off to a good start in order to be successful we need to raise at least $715,000. That amount would fund us for the first year of operations. Our for-profit half, Urban Towers has a number of revenue stream ideas that would put us on the track to self-sufficiency after the first year.

































































































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